International tele-consultation Brings advanced medical care to the world

University of Chicago Medical Center-the forefront of medical care

Since 1927, the University of Chicago Medicine has been one of the leading academic medical institutions in the United States. The University of Chicago , to which the medical center belongs, has also been among the top ten universities in the world for many consecutive years (“World University Academic Ranking”). The international tele-consultation service launched by the University of Chicago Medical Center specifically for customers in Mainland China and Hong Kong was officially launched. This service provides them with video consultations and secondary diagnosis and treatment opinions of top doctors from the United States, allowing patients to “face-to-face” with the world’s top doctors to obtain more diverse and comprehensive treatment plans. 

The University of Chicago

  • Foundation: 1890
  • Founder: John D. Rockefeller
  • Students: 6800 undergraduates, 10159 postgraduates, professionals and others
  • Teaching position: 2377 full-time medical and educational staff
  • Alumni: 182000 alumni
  • Ranking: ranking among the top ten universities in the world for many years
  • Honor: 100 Nobel Prize winners, including 12 Nobel Prize winners in medicine or physiology

* Comprehensive Cancer Center

– One of the designated centers of the National Cancer Institute (NCI)
– The first place for CAR T cell immunotherapy
– One-year survival rate of more than 150 adult allogeneic stem cell transplantation: 94.7% (2018)
– The world leader in intraperitoneal hyperthermic perfusion chemotherapy (HIPEC) (0% mortality rate, average hospital stay of 6 days in 19 years)
– The most comprehensive minimally invasive surgery project
– Integrated neuroendocrine tumor (NET) specialist

* Transplant Institute
– The world leader in multiple organ transplants (completed half of the world’s three-organ transplants)
– The world’s first back-to-back three-organ transplantation completed within 27 hours
– The best combined index of transplantation rate and waiting list mortality rate
– The world’s first living donor liver transplant
– Provide autologous liver transplantation for tumors

*Cardiovascular Center
– Over 1,000 heart transplant operations
– High survival rate of heart transplantation (1 year: 97.3%)
– The second highest transplant rate and the lowest mortality rate
– One of the shortest transplant time
– The world’s most experienced multi-organ heart transplant specialist
– Ten major intraventricular assist device projects in the U.S.
– Pioneer of robotic heart surgery (150 cases of robotic heart surgery per year)

* Neuroscience Center

– Level 4 epilepsy center/image-guided laser ablation for the treatment of epilepsy
– One of the largest deep brain stimulation (DBS) centers in the United States
– The first center of excellence for cerebral cavernous vascular malformations (CCM) in the United States
– More than 70 clinical trials for multiple sclerosis
– Surgery for brain tumors and spinal tumors that use laser ablation and various radiotherapy

*Digestive Disease Center
The most comprehensive celiac disease center in the world
– Autologous islet transplantation after total pancreatectomy
– The world leader in hyperthermic intraperitoneal perfusion chemotherapy (HIPEC) (0% death rate, average hospital stay of 6 days in 19 years)
-100 Whipple surgeries for pancreatic cancer are performed every year

* Musculoskeletal Center
-Internationally and nationally well-known sports medicine specialty
– Good at robotic arm assisted knee and hip replacement
– Good at minimally invasive spinal surgery (transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion)
– Good at complex reconstruction, repair and microsurgery of hand and wrist injuries

* Women health
– The best gynecology department in the United States selected by U.S. News and World Report
– New cancer treatment methods such as HIPEC
– High survival rate of ovarian cancer
– Leader of Triple Negative Breast Cancer
– Leader of minimally invasive surgery (robot)
The pregnancy rate in the fertility center is extremely high, and the pregnancy rate per embryo transfer for all age groups is 45%-55%

Comer Children’s Hospital
– FDA approved CART cell immunotherapy
– I131-MIBG treatment of neuroblastoma

– HIPEC in the treatment of advanced abdominal tumors

– The world’s most comprehensive celiac disease center for children

– Minimally invasive surgical treatment of laughing epilepsy

–  The world’s first robotic bladder reconstruction in children

Remote second diagnosis and treatment advice

You can contact our doctors remotely anywhere in the world. Our remote second opinion program includes:

Cooperation and exchange with hospitals all over the world