Hong Kong Heart Specialty Center-the forefront of the heart field

Since 2015, the Hong Kong Cardiac Centre has been one of the leading medical institutions in Hong Kong. There are currently 5 cardiologists in Hong Kong. 4 chain clinics are located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Jordan, Central and Yuen Long, providing you with different cardiology services. The heart health remote monitoring service of the Hong Kong Cardiology Specialist Center for customers in Mainland China and Hong Kong is officially launched. The service provides users with heart monitoring report review, allowing patients to have a more comprehensive control of their health tracking management.

Featured Business

  1. Cardiac ultrasound
  2. Exercise ECG
  3. 24-hour ECG
  4. Expert consultation
  5. Coronary artery surgery
  6. 24-hour blood pressure monitoring
  7. Implant pacemaker
  8. CT scan of the heart
  9. Radio frequency catheter ablation

Who needs remote heart health monitoring services?

  • Patients with long-term chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, etc.
  • High-risk groups, including three highs, obesity, hyperthyroidism, smoking and drinking, etc.
  • Postoperative patients need guidance on life, medication or rehabilitation from doctors


Why do we need remote heart health monitoring service?

  • Specialist review report to comprehensively manage heart health
  • Avoid fatigue and get expert opinions easily
  • Save medical expenses and reduce waiting time for medical treatment


  • User registration service to get equipment
  • Tap the patch with your finger to monitor the ECG at any time
  • Three-lead patch on the chest for continuous monitoring of ECG
  • Cloud remote data upload to follow up user health data
  • Return equipment
  • The system issues a monitoring report
  • Cardiologists provide opinions on review reports