About Us

Provide a full range of professional high-end medical services


Mellica Ltd. was established in Hong Kong in 2016 and was co-founded by three senior medical professionals from Mainland China and Hong Kong. The company is mainly responsible for the sales layout of today’s global advanced mobile medical and health products and services in the Asian market. It currently has a strong distribution network throughout Hong Kong, including many public and private hospitals, clinics, electrical retailers, and many local consumers in Hong Kong. The customer base covers patients with known or suspected chronic diseases, young parents and elderly groups. The company address is located in Phase 1 of the Kowloon Bay Enterprise Center, HK.

Our Mission

Providing better health management service for customers with high-tech consumer goods
Providing online professional medical services

Cooperation Channel

Mellica Ltd. has been deeply involved in the Hong Kong market for many years and has a strong distribution channel for local medical and beauty companies in HK, covering online outlets and offline physical stores. Among them, online channels include digital health platforms, e-commerce platforms, Baby outlets and airport duty-free shops and other online outlets in medical consumption, electronic appliances, infant products, and pharmaceutical companies. Offline channels include HK public and private hospitals, clinics, Nursing homes, pharmacies and chain pharmaceutical or electrical companies.